Who are you?
Jared Norby is one happy Creative Generalist.* 
What do you do?
Right now: a lot of art direction, mograph animation, illustration, writing & design.
Historically: web design, app design, 3d animation, character design, storyboarding, concept art, key art, digital painting, photography, retouching, color-correcting, architectural modeling, videography, directing, editing, creative consulting and flower delivery.
What don't you do?
Play music (I can barely plunk out a chord) or cook.
How do you spend your time?
I am currently a Jr. Art Director at Fullscreen, where I help think up, design and direct social campaigns for brands like Disney and Mattel.
In my spare time, I’m reading, exploring LA, learning new art styles and techniques, seeking out great conversations, and developing a few animated TV shows (for kids and adults).
Do you freelance?
I am pretty picky about taking on freelance work or new side projects, buuuut I am almost always down to grab a coffee and talk through a creative idea (this is one of my absolute favorite ways to spend a Saturday).
Should we chat?
Absolutely! Especially if you're a...
Creative looking for some encouragement, 
An Idea Person looking for someone ping-pong ideas with, 
Or one of the many blessed Normal People** looking for some creative advice, 
Message me through the CONTACT tab, and let's talk. I'll be happy to know you. :)
* Beginning and end of third-person narration.
** I fully own and endorse what this implies about Creative and 'Idea People.'
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