Who are you?
Jared Norby is one happy Creative Generalist.* 
What do you do?
Right now: I'm a freelance motion graphics animator (specializing in 2D/AE character animation), designer, illustrator & writer. In my spare time, I develop, direct, produce and animate original tv pilots.
In the past I've done: some 3d animation, character design, storyboarding, concept art, key art, digital painting, photography, retouching, color-correcting, architectural modeling, videography, editing, web design, app design, creative consulting and flower delivery.
What don't you do?
Play music (I can barely plunk out a chord) or cook.
Do you freelance?
Yep! Feel free to click CONTACT if there's a project you think I'd be a good fit for. 
Should we chat?
Absolutely! Especially if you're a...
Creative looking for some encouragement, 
An Idea Person looking for someone ping-pong ideas with, 
Or one of the many blessed Normal People** looking for some creative advice, 
Message me through the CONTACT tab, and let's talk. I'll be happy to know you. :)
* Beginning and end of third-person narration.
** I fully own and endorse what this implies about Creative and 'Idea People.'
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