God Of War Ragnarök - Myths of Midgard
2d Character Animation & Rigging, FX Animation | We Are Royale + Sony (2022) 
Collaborated with the wildly talented Dylan Casano and the fantastic team at WAR to animate the book and characters in this 7 minute spot. Apart from one still 3d render of the book, all rigging & animation was done in After Effects.

Starting with a fabulous painting from Ligeti Miklós, I built (and helped animate) this 2d rig of Mimir. We're not ready to share all our AE secrets, but you can see more BTS of the rig here.

Book page turns, lighting, camera animation & character animation all done in AE.

Pentakill - "Metal is Born"
2d Character & FX Animation | We Are Royale + Riot Games (2021) 
Worked with some amazing artists and animators at We Are Royale to help unravel the lore of Pentakill in this video. I animated the gods and much of the band.
Co-directed, wrote, storyboarded, co-animated | Fullscreen + Disney (2020)
Our fantastic team at Fullscreen created 10 original "Positively Minnie" Minnie Mouse shorts for Disney through a combination of repurposed and original animation.
Outriders - "Mantras of Survival"
2d Text Animation | We Are Royale + Square Enix (2020) 
Another really fun project with We Are Royale. I animated the text/title cards and end logo resolve for Outrider's "Mantras of Survival."
Activision Blizzard - Overwatch League Playoffs
2d FX Animation | We Are Royale + Activision Blizzard (2020) 
Had a blast helping animate these Overwatch League team hype videos at We Are Royale. Animated the multicolor FX wave that passes over the background and provided 8 seconds of character animation.
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